Wednesday, 14 March 2012

What I did on this day?

Hey everyone!
I will share with all of you what I did on this day....

On Wednesday's morning, my brother and I went to Pekan, Pahang.  We went there by car.  The journey almost took about 4 hours from my house in Nilai.  Actually,my brother just accompanied me to Pekan,Pahang because he had to solve his problems in Temerloh after my problems in Pekan completed.  I went there because a few reasons.  First, I went there because I wanted to take 'Duit Zakat' which is given by Majlis Ugama Islam Pahang (MUIP).  My friends and I have been given the money as much as RM200 each.  We felt so happy.  Besides that, I went there because I wanted to meet my old and beloved friends.  We decided to meet at our old school in Pekan.  We were very happy when we can meet together again.  We were almost spend 2 hours to ask and share about our new school's stories.  Unfortunately, I cannot spend much time with them anymore because I had to settle the other problems.  My brother decided to back home at 5.00pm from Temerloh.  I agreed with him because it was not me drove the car but him.  Praise to Allah because we reached home safely at 8.00pm.What an enjoyful moments!


  1. Pahang!!my hometown..haha
    i love Pahang~

  2. okeyh..i have to admit that your blog look so great!
    but..why the song must be same just like me? huhu..
    by the way, nice bro!

  3. thanks...same like you???maybe this is a coincidence...

  4. you are welcome and i hope so this is just coincidence :)