Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Great Day!!!

On this day, I have a great day.  Why I said it is a great day?  It is because I have new experiences that I had through today.  First, my family have done a small feast.  We invited our neighbours to join us.  We served 'Ikan Talapia Bakar' as our lunch together.  As a family, we helped each other as our preparation for lunch.  My father asked me to cut banana leaf from the banana stem.  Honestly, I never do this thing before.  At least I knew how to cut after this.  My father asked me to cut because we will eat rice with Ikan Talapia Bakar on banana leaf.  Wow!So delicious and I thought it is easy to eat on banana leaf than on plate.  Why?After we have finished eating, we do not need to wash our plate anymore..hahaha...Such a great experienced that I had through to today.On that night we celebrated my neighbour's daughter birthday.  We celebrated with a delicious cake made from Secret Recipe that her father bought it. So delicious!
Such a great holiday!!!


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  2. Corrections:

    1)since you are describing the past event, you have to write in past tense..therefore, will=would, do=did

    2) such a great experienced
    the correct one is 'such a great experience' because 'experienced' is an adjective and 'experience' is a noun..since great is an adjective, it should be followed by a noun which is 'experience'..=)

    * No more holiday after this...haha