Monday, 30 April 2012


             Ten years ago, the Internet was practically unheard of by most people. Today, the Internet is one of the most powerful tools throughout the world. The Internet is a collection of various services and resourcesThe Internet is an amazing invention that contributes a lot to our lives. The Internet is a tool which people from all places in the world can get together for fun, for business or for research. However, internet has its own advantages and disadvantages.

            There are definite advantages of the Internet. First of all, the most common used for the Internet is for research. Children, students and many other people use Internet as a research tool. Today, it is required for the student to use Internet for the research. Many high school and college teachers give research or specific assignment which is based on the Internet. Many teachers use the Internet to teach their students. Now, Internet is become a biggest source of the research and we will gain such knowledge and information from it.   Moreover, Internet is also helpful to get information about medical issue. worlds, sports, business, politics, latest news and so on.
            We can use several services available on the internet, such as, online banking, job seeking, purchasing tickets for the movies and games, and hotel reservation. In addition to these, search engines can help you to find data on any subject that you need. Finally, people can use the internet for entertainment, downloading games, music, movies, visiting chat rooms, or just surfing the Web. With the Internet, we will not feel bored anymore as there are a lot of services that can be downloaded for free from the web.  
            Beside a lot of advantages, Internet has some disadvantage too. First of disadvantage is the people who spend too much sitting in the front of computer can easily get ill.  People who spend too much time in front of computer will getting weaker.  Sitting for a long time is also harmful to the spine. Besides, we tend to spend much time in front of computer without realizing that time goes rapidly, leaving us in a state of revenie. Time is gold.
            Last but not least, there are many advantage and disadvantage of Internet. We should arrange our time properly and use Internet wisely as we cannot be addicted by Internet


                                                                     LUCY BECK                

  • 17 years old
  • Lives with her mother and uncle Bert
  • Determined to change her life by looking for a job with her qualifications
  • Considerate and encouraging
  • Small,mousy,shy,awkward


  1. Timid shy - Small,mousy-looking and easily overlooked
  2. Proud positive attitude - She looked at the office with pleasure and already has plans on how she will        decorate her space
  3. Courageous persevering - Even though she is young and shy,she faces Miss Broome's spirit bravely
  4. Compassionate - Lucy instantly fells sorry after saying mean stuff to Uncle Bert


   Education via the Internet is called e-learning where knowledge is acquired online.This form of learning is and could become very common.It means that the physical classroom is no longer necessary.Students can access their study materials and communicate online with instructors.
   How does e-learning benefits students?Firstly,it connects students to other learners with similar interests.It is also enables students to have easy access to instructor or expert all over the world.E-learning also follows for self-paced learning and flexibility.Students become more independent and also exposed to the latest computer technology.They become more IT knowledgeable as they are forced to keep up with the latest communication tool.
   E-learning includes online forum discussions through ICQ assignment,tutorials which can be downloaded and email communication.Students can prepare for this e-learning by acquiring computer skills and knowledge.The Computer Club is one of the channels available for students to gain such skill and knowledge,for example,by attending courses on information technology.So,students are encouraged to become members and hone their computer skills.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


    Facebook is a social networks that was created by Mark Zuckenberg in 2004.This networks is well-known in the world in this time.Many people use Facebook as a social networks mostly students,teenagers and elder people.
    Many advantage can get who is using Facebook such as tighten our relationship with our friends.Besides,we can connect and gather our old friends which is not see for long time.We can also make our new friends in Facebook.We can also connect with our friend in the other country too.

    In this time,many people share their story and experience in Facebook with their friends.Facebook is not only a place to chat with our friends,make video call,give message,share our story but in Facebook,we can also preaching to else,giving advises,share our religious information and so on.By Facebook,we can gain more knowledge and information about latest news such as our country,sports,worlds,business and something else.
    Facebook surely many advantage but also many disadvantage.Many of young people become unaware because they surely become addicted and influence with Facebook.Besides,Facebook can also waste our time.In this time,many student spoiled in their academics as they become addicted.

   Last but not least,many advantage and disadvantage of using Facebook now.We should use Facebook wisely.We should arrange our time neatly before we addicted with Facebook and we should think that Facebook can give benefits for us or not.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Harmful Effects of Smoking

   Most teenagers start smoking without having the intention of becoming addicted.  However, by the time they reach adulthood, they are addicted to smoke.  It is suprising how addictive smoking can be.
  Young people want to smoke because they think that smoking makes them look more mature.  Moreover,teenagers who grow up in an environment where their parents, siblings and relatives smoke will also take up the habit.  Additionally,peer preasure plays an important part.  When their peers smoke,teenagers may feel pressured into doing the same thing.The excitement of trying something new, especially if it is forbidden, may cause them to take up smoking.
  The effects of smoking on health are devastating. Every year hundreds of thousands of people around the world die from tobacco-related diseases.Cigarettes smoke can trigger various types of cancers including cancer of the throat,mouth,lungs,stomach,cervix and pancreas.Nicotine and carbon monoxide in cigarettes raise both the heart rate and blood pressure.This can cause heart attacks and strokes.Tobacco smoke can also cause gum disease,tooth decay and bad breath.In addiction,smoking can cause teeth to become yellow and unsightly.Small wonder,as cigarette smoke contains over 4000 chemical compounds and toxins all of which are very harmful to human death.
   There is good news for those who want to quit smoking.The good news is that when you quit smoking,your body begins to repair itself.A few years after you quit,your body would have repaired most of the damage caused by smoking.However,those who wait until cancer sets in are not as fortunate, as cancer is usually fatal.That is another reason to take the big step and quit now before it is too late.A person who wishes to quit smoking will need strong willpower.Once you are firm in your determination to quit smoking,you should decide on a specific date to quit.As the date draws near,reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke.Once you have decided to quit,concentrate on you aim and on the benefits of quitting smoking
‘QWERTYUIOP’ by Vivien Alcock is about a young graduate named Lucy Beck who has just finished her ‘O’ levels at Belmont Secretarial College. Being a slow learner herself, she has no confidence that she will find a job. Fortunately, she is offered a job by Mr. Ross, the Manager of Ross and Bannister’s. During her first day, she encounters many peculiar incidents. Later, she finds out that there is a spirit lingering around the office who is adamant in holding on to her position as the company’s secretary. Towards the end of the story, Lucy tries to get rid of the spirit that has been haunting that place for many years by putting the spirit at peace.