Wednesday, 25 April 2012


    Facebook is a social networks that was created by Mark Zuckenberg in 2004.This networks is well-known in the world in this time.Many people use Facebook as a social networks mostly students,teenagers and elder people.
    Many advantage can get who is using Facebook such as tighten our relationship with our friends.Besides,we can connect and gather our old friends which is not see for long time.We can also make our new friends in Facebook.We can also connect with our friend in the other country too.

    In this time,many people share their story and experience in Facebook with their friends.Facebook is not only a place to chat with our friends,make video call,give message,share our story but in Facebook,we can also preaching to else,giving advises,share our religious information and so on.By Facebook,we can gain more knowledge and information about latest news such as our country,sports,worlds,business and something else.
    Facebook surely many advantage but also many disadvantage.Many of young people become unaware because they surely become addicted and influence with Facebook.Besides,Facebook can also waste our time.In this time,many student spoiled in their academics as they become addicted.

   Last but not least,many advantage and disadvantage of using Facebook now.We should use Facebook wisely.We should arrange our time neatly before we addicted with Facebook and we should think that Facebook can give benefits for us or not.


  1. Facebook is a social network. not social networks..because 'a'

    Many advantages not many advantage..because there is 'many'..

    am i right?