Saturday, 24 March 2012

Hot air balloon

Hi everyone...!!!
Last weeks, my family and my neighbour planned to go to the Putrajaya.  We went there because we wanted to see hot air balloon exhibition. Such a good plan!  We went there at 8 a.m and as we reached there,  there were many colouful balloon that were displayed.  At there,  there were many people came to see also such as tourists, students from variaty school, old people and so on.  Some of them took the pictures, bought the souveniers as them were so happy.


After that, we went to Alamanda, Putrajaya for shopping.haha.  I thought not too far from hot air balloon exhibition to Alamanda.  It just took about 15 minutes.  There were crowd of people at Alamanda.  So crowd!.  At there, I bought 2 books that I thought it was so important to me.  My family also bought something else at there. We spend not too much time there because my family had to bring me to clinic as my lip was bleeding. Actually, the doctor said my lip was bleeding because ulcer in my mouth. This disease has spread in my mouth from my palate to tongue and to my lip. So painful when I wanted to eat anything.  That was the reasons why I did not come to school for 3 days..haha
mY loveLy..

Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Great Day!!!

On this day, I have a great day.  Why I said it is a great day?  It is because I have new experiences that I had through today.  First, my family have done a small feast.  We invited our neighbours to join us.  We served 'Ikan Talapia Bakar' as our lunch together.  As a family, we helped each other as our preparation for lunch.  My father asked me to cut banana leaf from the banana stem.  Honestly, I never do this thing before.  At least I knew how to cut after this.  My father asked me to cut because we will eat rice with Ikan Talapia Bakar on banana leaf.  Wow!So delicious and I thought it is easy to eat on banana leaf than on plate.  Why?After we have finished eating, we do not need to wash our plate anymore..hahaha...Such a great experienced that I had through to today.On that night we celebrated my neighbour's daughter birthday.  We celebrated with a delicious cake made from Secret Recipe that her father bought it. So delicious!
Such a great holiday!!!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

What I did on this day?

Hey everyone!
I will share with all of you what I did on this day....

On Wednesday's morning, my brother and I went to Pekan, Pahang.  We went there by car.  The journey almost took about 4 hours from my house in Nilai.  Actually,my brother just accompanied me to Pekan,Pahang because he had to solve his problems in Temerloh after my problems in Pekan completed.  I went there because a few reasons.  First, I went there because I wanted to take 'Duit Zakat' which is given by Majlis Ugama Islam Pahang (MUIP).  My friends and I have been given the money as much as RM200 each.  We felt so happy.  Besides that, I went there because I wanted to meet my old and beloved friends.  We decided to meet at our old school in Pekan.  We were very happy when we can meet together again.  We were almost spend 2 hours to ask and share about our new school's stories.  Unfortunately, I cannot spend much time with them anymore because I had to settle the other problems.  My brother decided to back home at 5.00pm from Temerloh.  I agreed with him because it was not me drove the car but him.  Praise to Allah because we reached home safely at 8.00pm.What an enjoyful moments!

Hello everyone!!!
First of all, nice to meet all of you.  This is my first time using and writing in this blog.  Anyway, let me introduce myself first.  My name is Muhammad Nasrul Azim b. Roslan.  I am 16 years old and I am studied at SMKA Maahad Hamidiah.  I took accounting flow in 4 Al-Ghazali's class.  For this time, I was given a task of writing essays in English.  I think there are lots of vocabulary that I need to be understood and corrected soon.  I hope many people can help and give guidance to me for writing this task.  I hope I can do the best for myself!!!

Be the best!!!thank you,