Saturday, 24 March 2012

Hot air balloon

Hi everyone...!!!
Last weeks, my family and my neighbour planned to go to the Putrajaya.  We went there because we wanted to see hot air balloon exhibition. Such a good plan!  We went there at 8 a.m and as we reached there,  there were many colouful balloon that were displayed.  At there,  there were many people came to see also such as tourists, students from variaty school, old people and so on.  Some of them took the pictures, bought the souveniers as them were so happy.


After that, we went to Alamanda, Putrajaya for shopping.haha.  I thought not too far from hot air balloon exhibition to Alamanda.  It just took about 15 minutes.  There were crowd of people at Alamanda.  So crowd!.  At there, I bought 2 books that I thought it was so important to me.  My family also bought something else at there. We spend not too much time there because my family had to bring me to clinic as my lip was bleeding. Actually, the doctor said my lip was bleeding because ulcer in my mouth. This disease has spread in my mouth from my palate to tongue and to my lip. So painful when I wanted to eat anything.  That was the reasons why I did not come to school for 3 days..haha
mY loveLy..


  1. The little girl was so cute!

  2. went to Alamanda and bought some books..good boy..